June 26, 2018

Horizontal Impact Crusher Installation Notes

Horizontal Impact Crusher Installation Notes:

  1. The impact crusher should be installed on the reinforced concrete foundation. And the height, depth and area of the foundation shall be calculated separately according to the local soil conditions.
  2. The base surface should be flat and straight, the intersecting surface between the body and the foundation should not leak dust, and the anchor bolts should be tightened repeatedly.
  3. Adequate space should be provided under the foundation for installation of transport equipment and equipment maintenance.
  4. The shock absorbent material shall be filled between the equipment and the foundation.
  5. The motor position can be arranged on the left or right of the equipment.
  6. Please pay attention to the plate hammer weight when installing, replacing or adjusting the plate hammer. The weight difference of plate hammer in symmetrical position should be controlled to the smallest possible state to ensure the balance of rotor operation.
  7. In the process of installation, please confirm the material inlet direction and outlet direction of impact crusher according to the layout of production line.

Horizontal Impact Crusher Horizontal Impactor

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