Armored Belt Feeder

General Details

Armored Belt Feeder

This series belt feeder is widely used in blending system and quantitative rapid loading system with dynamic weighing function. Armored belt is composed by reinforced nylon 1010 connect armored pieces. This patented technology with anti-skid, anti-deviation and keep armored piece work together with belt, etc. It obtained” the technology achievement certificate” by the Science and Technology Development of Henan Province.

belt feeder structure armored belt feeder sturcture


  • Coal Handling for Power Plants
  • Clinker and other raw materials for Cement Plants
  • Woodchip and Bark Handling for Pulp/Paper Mills
  • Sludge Handling for Process Applications
  • Rail Unloading/Loadout
  • Granular Products
  • Sand
  • And more

• Running smoothly, good explosion-proof and environmental function
• Large feeding capacity, both high efficiency and energy saving
• Adjusting feeding capacity with manual or automatic motor
• Equipped with anti-block device, eliminating air blocking and arching phenomenon
• Feeding machine adopts hydraulic plate gate,with big thrust,fast open and closed to realize remote control
• Easy installation, low noise, long service life




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Technical Data
Armored Belt Feeder Technical Data
Model Power(kw) Voltage(AC V) Speed Adjustment
Speed Scope Feeding Scope Weight
GLD800/5.5/S 5.5 AC380
Manual 0.4-0.7 160-800 3700
GLD800/5.5/B Auto 0.42-0.7 480-800 3800
GLD2000/5.5/S 5.5/7.5 Manual 0.6-0.1 400-2000 4200
GLD2000/5.5/S Auto 0.2-0.1 1200-2000 4300
GLD3300/5.5/S 7.5 Manual 0.2-0.1 660-3300 5200
GLD3300/5.5/S Auto 0.6-0.1 1980-3300 5300
GLD4400/5.5/S 11 Manual 0.3-1.5 880-4400 6200
GLD4400/5.5/S Auto 0.9-1.5 2640-4400 6300
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armored belt feeder 2

belt feeder in site

belt feeder in site 1

armored belt feeder in site