Impact Crusher

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Impact Crusher

The impact crusher is general used as primary and secondary crusher. Zhenyuan impact crusher can dealing the material with the side length below 500mm and the compressive strength no more than 250 MPa. Impact crusher can be used for processing quarried stone and a variety of mineral, as well as recycling, construction material and more.

Zhenyuan impact crusher is installed as stationary, semi-mobile or mobile crushing plants with plant capacities of more than 4000 t/h.


impact crusher structure impact crusher

  1. All kinds of ore, mineral, metal, rock, stone, the highest compressive strength of material is no more than 250 Mpa.
  2. Widely used in the industries: Aggregate, Coal, Energy & Biomass, Mineral & Mining, Brick, Clay & Ceramics, Demolition, Metallurgy, Construction, Environmental, Railway, Sand Making, Water Conservancy, etc.
  1. Overload and iron-removal protection system protects machine from damage.
  2. Suitable for a variety of feed materials including recycling, demolition and quarry applications
  3. Particle size adjustment function.
  4. Two lid ways of hydraulic pressure and pull rod lid reduce labor intensity.
  5. Both sides of plate hammer can be used, lower the cost.
  6. Two or three cavities design can meet different kinds of requirements from clients.
  7. Keyless connection makes crushing more stable.
Working Principle:

The impact crusher uses impact energy to crusher the raw material. When material comes to zone of action of hammer plate, material will be pushed to impact device to be crushed under the force of impact, then material will bounce back to zone of action to be re-crushed, this process would not stop until the final products become to required size, , the material will be discharged from bottom of machine. Adjusting the gap between impact rack and rotor rack could change the output size and shape of material.

impact crusher running impact-crusher-working





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Technical Data
Impact Crusher:
Model Specification Feeding Open Size (mm) Max.Feeding Size           (mm) Capacity (t/h) Motor Model Motor Power (KW) Dimension   (mm) Weight   (t)
PF-1007 Ф1000Х700 400Х730 300 35-50 Y250M-6 37 1800Х1600Х1800 9.5
PF-1010 Ф1000Х1050 400Х1080 350 50-80 Y315S-6 75 2340Х2007Х2500 14
PF-1210 Ф1250Х1050 400Х1080 350 70-120 Y315L1-6 110 2582Х2053Х2809 17
PF-1212 Ф1250Х1200 400Х1250 350 70-140 Y315L2-6 132 2582Х2403Х2809 17.5
PF-1214 Ф1250Х1400 400Х1430 350 80-160 Y315L2-6 132 2582Х2403Х2809 22
PF-1315 Ф1300Х1500 680Х1520 350 90-220 Y2-335M2-6 200 2930Х2761Х3053 26
PF-1320 Ф1300Х2000 680Х1570 350 110-350 Y2-335M2-6 280 3340Х2950Х3000 28
Three-chamber Impact Crusher:
Model Specification Feeding Open Size (mm) Max.Feeding Size           (mm) Capacity (t/h) Motor Model Motor Power (KW) Dimension   (mm) Weight   (t)
PFV-1007 Ф1000Х700 400Х730 300 25-45 Y250M-6 55 1800Х1600Х1800 10.5
PFV-1010 Ф1000Х1050 400Х1080 350 35-60 Y315S-6 75 2340Х2007Х2500 14.8
PFV-1210 Ф1250Х1050 400Х1080 350 45-100 Y315L1-6 110 2582Х2053Х2809 18
PFV-1214 Ф1250Х1400 400Х1430 350 60-140 Y315L2-6 132 2582Х2403Х2809 23.5
PFV-1315 Ф1300Х1500 565Х1600 350 70-180 Y2-335M2-6 200 2996Х2701Х2472 28
PFV-1320 Ф1300Х2000 496Х2100 350 110-300 Y2-335M2-6 280 3308Х3205Х2613 30
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